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Conventional Home Listings Service

Our team here at FRS has experience in all aspects of real estate, from buying and selling to helping families find financial assistance.
FRS Properties

Conventional Home Listings

In some situations, you might notice the possibility of foreclosure while there’s still time to market your home through MLS, the listing service used by realtors across the country. Our team here at FRS has experience in all aspects of real estate, from buying and selling to helping families find financial assistance. This history allows us to take your home, no matter its condition, and place it on over 70 listing sites to showcase it to interested parties nationwide.

Get the Highest Bids for Your Home

Between our vast network of local real estate investors and nationwide listing services, all eyes will be on your home. This helps drive up bids and land you an offer that enables you to get out from under your current mortgage. It may even leave you with extra funds to make a deposit on a home that’s a better fit. And, like our as-is cash offers, you can list homes of any size and condition.
The primary difference in listing on the MLS versus selling directly to us is that your home will need to be inspected, meaning there may be required repairs before you can sell. Depending on the bidding activity, you’ll also need to prepare the home for potential showings or open houses. If, at any point in the listing process, you change your mind and would prefer to sell the property as-is to our team, just let us know. We’ll work to remove the listings and get you a cash offer in as little as 48 hours.

Discounted Closing Costs and Commissions

Suppose your home receives an agreeable offer on the MLS. In that case, we apply heavy discounts to the closing costs and commissions you pay to our team, reducing your out-of-pocket expenses and helping you pay off your existing mortgage. In addition, we have over 20 years of experience in the Arizona real estate market alone, making us the premier option to get your home sold and avoid foreclosure.
Working with us to list your home also reduces headaches as we’ll handle the process from start to finish, keeping you updated along the way. In addition, by taking on the role of vetting interested parties and marketing the property, we can reduce the time it takes for your house to receive the right offer. Arizona real estate is always a hot market. But we’re confident we can find you a buyer, or we’ll buy it from you to avoid keeping you from moving on to your next home.

Interested in Selling?

We’re in the business of foreclosure prevention. So we know that, in many cases, the most straightforward approach is to sell your home and be done with your existing mortgage payments for good. Our listing services are the most affordable since our goal isn’t to earn commissions but to alleviate the weight and stress that a past-due mortgage balance can create. So, whether foreclosure on your home is imminent or you’re just starting to fall behind on monthly payments, contact FRS Properties to speak with our team and find a solution that works for you.