Sarasota AC repair

One of the great perks of owning a car is the convenience of adjusting your AC or heating system to your liking. This is especially handy during very hot summers or freezing winters. Sarasota Florida is well known for their super-hot summers especially during the mid and late September, and a broken auto AC is just a big no-no.

Signs Your AC is Not Working

When you feel that you are getting minimal cold air or none at all from your AC, then it probably means it is time for a Sarasota AC repair or check-up. Most people may not be very familiar with how an auto AC works. Thus, it is challenging to determine what could be going wrong in your car. Therefore, it is best to bring your car for a checkup before anything gets worse. And when it comes to Sarasota AC repair, Brian’s Auto Repair has specialists who provide Sarasota quality auto AC repair services. We only use the highest quality replacements and equipment to ensure a 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction. Our advanced auto diagnostic equipment helps detect the slightest but crucial mechanical problems to maintain your car to be running as smoothly as possible.

Because the car AC works quite differently than your typical home air conditioning unit, it is best recommended that you avoid trying to fix your AC by yourself, and bringing your car to a licensed automotive repair shop to make sure that your repairs are done correctly as well as to protect your warranty. As soon as you notice funny noises or bad odors from your car’s AC, reduced the cooling ability, unstable fan, it is best to consult a licensed automotive mechanic right away.

Auto Air Condition Upkeep

Observing routine air conditioning and car repair maintenance ensures a comfortable temperature in your vehicle throughout the season. DIY-ing your car’s AC issues may violate your car’s warranty, which causes you to pay for future car services that are initially covered by warranty out of your pocket. But here are some tips you can do to maintain your AC working smoothly and avoid preventable issues in the future.

Simply follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that you run your AC every week. Not turning on your car AC for months may create compounded mechanical issues. Routinely running your AC keeps a proper flow of the refrigerant without causing unnecessary wear and tear.
  2. Use your AC in the winter. Your car AC is excellent at controlling humidity levels during your car’s warm up. This reduces fogging of your windows and windshield as well as keeps your car AC in good shape.
  3. Use the defroster. Running your defroster for 5-10 minutes per week eliminates the accumulated moisture at the base of the windshields that may cause mildew growth and unpleasant odors in your vehicle.
  4. Recharge the refrigerant when it gets low. Low levels of refrigerant cause your AC to lose its ability to cool your car efficiently. Replenishing the refrigerant at least every two years keeps your AC at tip-top condition. This also allows your automotive mechanic to have a good look at other red flags that may require a more extensive AC car repair.
  5. Be sure to get your AC serviced every other year. Having your AC serviced, especially during the spring months gets your car’s AC in good shape just in time for your awaited summer cruising in Sarasota.

Sarasota AC repair

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