You’ll save a lot of money over time with a Keurig Mini reusable K Cup from DeliBru. If you love the convenience of single serving K Cup coffee pods but hate the high prices and the waste of resource, you’re going to want to check out DeliBru’s K Mini Universal reusable cup that not only fits the Keurig Mini, but all Keurig brewers. Using your favorite coffee blend in our K Cups will significantly cut down on the cost of brewed coffee while ensuring the perfect cup of Joe every time.

4 Things You’ll Love About DeliBru’s Keurig Mini Reusable K Cup

1. You don’t have to invest a lot of money to start saving on the cost of coffee; our reusable K Cup costs just $10.99 and will brew thousands of cups of coffee over its lifespan. You can go back to your favorite coffee flavors or blends without the need to brew an entire pot of coffee and pour half of it down the sink. Brew one cup at a time with DeliBru reusable K Cups for Mini Keurig and watch the savings add up quickly.

2. Our K Cup is the best green alternative to plastic pods. You may be surprised to learn that billions of plastic coffee pods are used in America alone every year, and that most of them end up in the landfill. You can stop the endless cycle of purchasing, using, and throwing out plastic coffee pods with a DeliBru Keurig Mini reusable K Cup.

3. DeliBru has an easy answer to the question, ‘Does my K Cup work with Keurig Mini?’ The answer is ‘yes’, our reusable cup is a universal K Cup replacement for every Keurig brewer on the market. If you’ve ever purchased the wrong size pods, you can certainly appreciate the value of owning a single reusable product that was guaranteed to fit your brewer- and guaranteed to save you money on the cost of your coffee.

4. Wouldn’t you love it if your favorite cup of coffee cost just a few cents to brew? Compare the costs of brewing your own single cup of java with those $5.00 price tags at popular coffee shops; even the price of coffee pods can be excessive. It makes good sense to invest in the best reusable K Cup for single serve Keurig coffee machines. Within the first couple of weeks, you’ll be able to count the savings, and you’ll find that our K Cup will pay for itself in a very short amount of time.

What’s the Difference Between K Mini and K Mini Plus?

While the Keurig Mini and the Mini Plus look a great deal alike, there are a few subtle differences, like the K Mini Plus’ bold brew button and its plastic K Cup storage container. Whichever model you choose, our Keurig Mini reusable K Cup replacement will fit your machine and will brew the best cup of coffee, every time. Feel free to contact DeliBru if you have any questions about the best premium brewing accessories on the market.

Keurig Mini Reusable K Cup